Australian Bio-active Leptospermum



This website has been published to assist landowners, investors, beekeepers and others considering the development of sustainable Leptospermum plantation-based resources for the production of bio-active honey in Australia. There is clearly an information vacuum out there and hopefully this website will go some distance in addressing that imbalance.

It is of course prudent to seek external advice on any investment decision however there are hundreds of questions I am asked all the time. This information based website sets out to answer as many of those as possible. This is a work-in-progress and will be updated continuously as new information becomes available and additional information is requested.

I do not claim to be an apiarist, a chemist or an accountant so I avoid providing detailed advice in any of those expert areas preferring instead to have those experts contribute information directly, whether that be via this website or by direct contact.

I am a horticulturist with decades of experience in establishing plantations for timber production, wastewater disposal and Eucalyptus oil production all over Australia. This experience lends itself very well to the rapidly escalating interest in Leptospermum plantations.

Much of my interest involves the collection and propagation and supply of superior plant material for the development of these plantations and working closely with experts in related fields.

I am a principal of ERA Nurseries in Western Victoria and a specialist large-scale grower of bio active Leptospermum seedlings.

For small-scale on-line Leptospermum purchases please go to the ERA Nurseries on-line store. (Australia only but not WA, NT or Tasmania)

Since this web site went live in April 2016, it has received over 36,000 page views and this hit rate is increasing monthly. During this period, the site has been visited predominantly by people from within Australia, clearly indicating the rapidly growing interest in the topic of bio-active honey production.

Readers from outside Australia should take into account that the information provided on this website is targeted specifically at Australia.

Ted Allender

Updated 14th March 2017